Since 1904 four generations of entrepreneurs have transformed a shop into an industrial Company Group


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The first news on the business activity of Barozzi Group dates back to the beginning of the last century. In a pre-industrial Italian society, based on an agri-food economy, Silvio Barozzi, forefather of the Barozzi generations of entrepreneurs, sets up a grocery store in the Revere square - settled -today as ever- on the banks of the great river Po - to trade, according to the various needs of the seasonal production cycles, products such as mothballs, petrolatum jelly, raw linseed oil, umber to harden the cheese rinds, cork stoppers, wine barrels and bottling items.

Soon his son, Mario, joins the father and together they start to trade also earth-coloured powders, golden yellow pigments to be mixed with lime and milk to get coloured paints, tar, carbolineum, Creolina to disinfect houses and baths and caulking pitch (essential for caulk the boats sailing the great river Po). Soon the grocery-emporium became a valuable reference not only in the village but also in the surroundings, where he personally delivered products saddling up on his BSA (motorcycle of the 1920s).

In the mid-fifties, his sons Silvio and Vittorio join their father's business and, thanks to their initiative and tenacity, they start producing water-based paints in powder form. They also help their father in managing the warehouse and delivering goods to customers in the surrounding areas (Modena, Rovigo, Ferrara, Bologna, Verona).

At the first signs of the economic boom, Mario Barozzi and his sons found an important production site (still the Barozzi Group headquarters) to produce traditional and washable tempera in paste. The market requires it. Vittorio Barozzi, as technical manager, creates the first formulas for enamels, anti-rust agents and cementites.

In the nineties, the members of the fourth generation sit enthusiastically in the driver's seat. Matteo, in shadow training with his father, lays the foundations for an innovative process that involves all the production sections, while Cecilia starts the company's internationalization and Marcella deals with control and management.

Today, Barozzi is a solid group that expresses its innovative capacity in nanotechnological paints (Nanotech Inside), traditional paints (Barozzi Vernici) and in products for viticulture and fruit nursery (Agrichem).