Our History

From 1904 onwards four generations of entrepreneurs have turned a shop into an industrial group.

The earliest accounts of Barozzi Group’s business activities date back to the beginning of the last century. In a pre-industrial Italy, supported by an agricultural economy, Silvio Barozzi, the forefather and first entrepreneur of the Barozzi family, opened a store where he sold naphthalene, white mineral oil, raw linseed oil, cork stoppers, wine bottles and bottling items.

Soon Silvio’s son Mario joined his father and together they started selling also coloured earth pigments, golden yellows, tar, carbolineum and pitch for the shipbuilding sector (used to caulk the vessels that sailed the great river Po).

In the shop you could buy Olimpia’s and Tintabella’s powder coatings (the production of Tintabella’s coating continues to this day).

Mario Barozzi’s personality was characterised by honesty, determination and a never-ending desire to develop new products and discover new materials and new solutions that would improve the quality of his customers’ work. Thanks to his research he was often able to discover innovative products and soon his shop became popular also in the neighbouring towns, where he would go and deliver his products personally on his motorbike. In the mid 1950s his sons Silvio and Vittorio started working with their father and, thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance, they started making water-based paint in powder form.
Mario Barozzi realized that the phase of reconstruction of the nation was coming to an end and a new and more important economic cycle was making its way. There was frenetic activity at the shop. With the help of his sons Mario Barozzi laid the groundwork for the production of paste tempera.

At the beginning of the economic boom Mario Barozzi and his sons opened an important production plant (which continues to be Barozzi Group’s headquarters to this day) to make traditional and washable paste tempera. The market demanded it.
Vittorio Barozzi took on the role of technical manager and created the first formulations for enamels, anti-rust products and cementite.
In 1986 the premature death of his brother Silvio forced him to acquire all the shares of the company and in the 90s the fourth generation took over with enthusiasm. Matteo, working alongside his father, laid the foundations for an innovative process involving all production sectors, while Cecilia began the company’s internationalisation activity and Marcella took charge of control and management.
Today Barozzi is a solid group that is developing its ability to innovate in the fields of nanotechnological paint (Nanotech Inside®), traditional paint (Barozzi Vernici) and viticulture and fruit trees nurseries (Agrichem).